Our review panel check documents before they are added to the database so that you are sure they are Accurate& Safe

Tired of guessing if you can trust something you read on the internet? We were, so we have gathered together individuals and organisations who are experts in their field. When we receive a document for inclusion into the database then it is checked by relevant members of the review panel. Only when they have agreed that it is suitable is it added to the database.

We check the information so that you don’t have to

Panel Members

The Pet Charity is a national charity that promotes the benefits keeping pets and works to improve pet welfare.

Contact: Info@thepetcharity.org.uk

The British Veterinary Zoological Society is an academic and clinical organisation dedicated to the advancement of veterinary knowledge and skill in exotic pets, zoo animals and wildlife.

Contact: info@bvzs.org.uk 

Roman Muryn

Roman is an experienced hobbyists with a particular interest in lighting and heating in reptiles, particularly involving aspects of Infra Red heat. He is also a specialist turtle keeper having kept and bred many species.