The Internet is Amazing, but how do you know that pet care information is Safe & Accurate?

There has never been a resource like the internet. The problem comes though when trying to assess the quality of information. Is it accurate? up to date? safe? These questions are important, but never more so when it comes to looking after your pet as poor information can cause very real welfare problems.

That’s where the Pet Portal comes in. Members of our review panel carefully check the information in our database to ensure that not only is it accurate and up to date, but that is also represents the very best husbandry information available.  

The Pet Portal is managed by the Pet Charity, a charity that exists to promote the joy of pet keeping. The Pet Charity has no affiliation to an organisation or company or brand. It’s aim is to ensure that if you want to keep a pet then you have access to information that you can trust. 

Check out The Pet Portal….

Information database

The database is a collection of peer reviewed information including care sheets, scientific papers and field data.  It is growing all the time so be sure to visit often. 

Pet know how

Do you know your stuff? If you are thinking of getting a new pet then why not try out our Pet Know How tests? Test your knowledge and print out your very own certificate!

Contribute information

We welcome documents from a wide range of contributors. If you would like our review panel to consider a document for adding to the database then you can upload it here.