Submitting Your Documents

 Anyone can submit information to be added to the information database by using the submission form below. Once submitted it is passed to relevant members of the review panel who will assess it for accuracy and ensure it is suitable for adding to the database. All submissions must comply to the requirements shown below in order to be considered for inclusion.

Submissions must be evidence based

All information submitted must be based on real observations or experience and related to pet care or advice.  Documents must not simply represent the authors opinions, political views or ethical standpoints

compatable formats

We can accept a wide range of document formats. PDF format is preferred, but Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPEG, Etc. are also acceptable

raw observation data

We allow field or observation raw data to be included but it will be described as unverified data.  Please provide as much information as possible such as date, location, methods, etc.


submissions must be made by the author, owner or someone who express permission from the author to submit the document and allow it to be made available in the public domain

reveiw process

Once submitted documents will be passed to the review panel who will assess it for accuracy and suitability. Only once they have approved it will it then be added to the database. The decision of the review panel is final 


Sometimes the review panel may ask for further information, or for edits, before a document can be accepted


Authors may submitted updated or modified documents at any time.  Substantial changes may require the document to be resubmitted to the review panel


Documents may be removed from the database if they have become outdated, accepted practice changes or more recent documents become available