We have collected the most commonly asked FAQ’s below. If you cannot find the answer to your question then please send us a message from our contact page

What is Pet Know How?

Pet Know How is an online test which enables you you to demonstrate a basic level of knowledge about the correct care of an pet. After reading the Pet Charity care leaflet you can view an on-line presentation and then take your test. At the end you will receive a personalized certificate which you can show when buying your pet to show you have done your research. This also allows the seller to meet their obligations under the Animal Activities Licensing Legislation.

Is there a cost to download or view information in the database?

No, you may search, view and download any of the documents in the database as many times as you like. Some authors may sell printed copies of their information.

Will I get paid for my information?

No, there are no payments for documents of information that is added the database.

Does it cost anything to submit a document?

No, you can submit a document to be reviewed and uploaded to the database for free